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Radio Advertising Costs 2024

Radio advertising costs will vary based on the size and scope of the campaign. We assess the core cost components of a radio campaign and provide indicative costs for national, regional and local radio ad campaigns.

What are the main costs to consider in radio advertising campaigns?

Radio advertising costs can be broken down into two main parts:

  • The Creative, the costs associated with producing your radio advert
  • The Media, or the Airtime, the cost of placing your ad on one or more radio stations

Radio advertising cost #1: the creative

Compared to other advertising mediums, making an ad for radio isn’t a huge burden on your budget and pricing can start from just over £500. However there is a fine art to creating an advert that is both compelling, memorable and receptive to the listener.

The impact of the creative is critical to a campaign’s success. For most ads, we’d recommend a creative budget of between £1,000 to £5,000. This can go far higher. If you want additional production bells and whistles, a celebrity voice, or to create a campaign with a variety of different advertising elements – including in multiple languages – this will all affect the price.

We have modern in-house studios and a team of writers and producers, as well as our own voice over agency. Our in-house creative studio team will provide you with a competitive quote and have experience working with both household names and local advertisers. Contact us to get a creative quote!

Radio Advertising Costs

Radio advertising cost #2: the media

The cost of playing out your ad on one or more radio stations.

Typically, the majority of your radio advertising costs will be spent on the media, so you can reach as many of the relevant audiences you want to target with your message. Media pricing is based on a Cost-Per-Thousand-Ads delivered model; assuming a 30-second ad, prices can vary greatly by Station and range between £2 per thousand ads delivered to £5 per thousand ads delivered.

As a rough guideline a decent weight 4-week campaign would cost as follows:

  • a national campaign – upwards of £300,000
  • a regional campaign – £15k to £50k, or
  • a local one-station campaign between £4k and £10k.

In all instances, we would assess your campaign goals and develop a tailored media proposal to reach your goals. In most cases, to best reach your target audience we may buy over multiple stations.

Radio budget tips and good to know details

Typically, we are adept at working with your budget and showing you specific options to maximise your ad spend. We work closely with all stations and these relationships often mean we can gain some degree of flexibility and favourable opportunities.

Additional radio advertising costs such as gaining copy clearance or ad distribution are also something to consider. We typically work with clients and manage these admin costs as part of an overall service at very competitive rates. This means you will have more to spend where it matters – your campaign.

As a radio advertising ‘one-stop shop’ we can plan and buy your campaign, write and produce your ad, assist with copy clearance and distribute it all for you. If you already have an ad, that’s fine too; we can distribute this on your behalf to all relevant radio stations and digital audio platforms.