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Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising enables brands to reach highly engaged listeners and connect your messaging to shows listeners love and feel affinity towards.

Podcast advertising in the UK has exploded in recent years. The move to an on-demand culture has seen traditional radio brands evolve and new voices emerge. Radio stations have seen their best shows and presenters launching podcasts, while new talent and formats have emerged. Podcasts are building up loyal listeners, especially in the under 40 age groups.

From an advertising perspective, podcasts create new opportunities. The majority of podcasts are listened to by people on their own – as they walk, commute or potter around the house. And as such they provide truly intimate environments for advertisers to reach highly targeted audiences.

We know podcasts inside out. We have expert knowledge of podcasts, in that we both produce many podcasts as well as planned and created scores of podcast ads and campaigns.

Why Advertise on Podcasts?

Brands are increasingly seeing the value of podcast advertising. 

There are lots of reasons why brands advertise on radio. Key benefits of podcast advertising include:

  • Highly Targeted Audience – as podcasts are ;digitally delivered’ we have strong insights into audience demographics, so can help you get in front of the correct audience through the correct shows
  • Up Close and Personal – as podcasts are largely listedned to bu solo users they offer an intimate environment for advertisers to connect with their audience
  • Trusted – as podcasts are listened to on-demand, audiences have a high degree of trust in the presenters, and your brand benefits from this trust

Advertising on podcasts is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, as it offers the chance to get your brand message across in a more targeted and engaging way than traditional audio and video media. Unlike most radio and television, podcasts allow advertisers to reach a highly engaged, highly targeted audience.

This can be particularly beneficial for small businesses, as they can identify likely customers and reach them with their message in a unique way. Additionally, podcast advertising is relatively inexpensive and easy to measure, so it can be a cost-effective way to reach potential customers.

Main types of podcast advertising

There are three main types of podcast adverts.

Spot Ads

Typically 30s ads, similar in style and format to traditional ads, which appear in podcasts typically appearing mid-podcast. 

Host Reads

Tailored packages where presenters will do a ‘read’ discussing the brand providing a direct connection between presenter and brand. 


Typically including a host read, but tailorable against an individual podcast or a themed series of podcasts. Would typically include a pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll read.

How we help with podcast advertising

We provide a complete end-to-end service to ensure your podcast advertising campaign is high impact through smart creative and intelligent cost-effective media buying to reach the audience you want at the right time.

We have relationships with all the main UK podcast providers meaning we can negotiate on specific shows or buy ads across multiple podcasts to best target your desired audience. We are fully independent – meaning we recommend the best podcasting solution to meet your needs. And we strive to ensure you get the best results – in terms of media buying, creative, results and reporting. Invariably too we will create campaigns which blend together radio advertising, podcast advertising and digital audio solutions.

Find out more about the media buying process, creative process or simply contact us to have a chat.