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Digital Audio Advertising

Digital audio advertising helps brands reach millions of people online and on-the-go as they listen to digital audio apps like Spotify, Alexa, podcasts, digital radio and more.

The Rise of Digital Audio Advertising

For many marketers, digital audio advertising is a lesser known advertising media opportunity.

Digital audio advertising is a form of marketing where ads are heard either online, through a dedicated app or within a podcast. Ads may be placed into pre-recorded or live content, or delivered as a standalone spot. The ads may include audio or visuals, integrated within the content. Digital audio advertising can be a powerful way to reach a wide range of audiences with highly targeted content.

Today many content creators and media brands provide online audio shows, podcasts and audio streaming services. Digital audio advertising is how you can get your brand heard against such shows.

Where do digital audio ads appear?

Some of the most common examples of digital audio advertising opportunities are:

Radio Streaming

Advertise on digital radio streaming services, such as Alexa, Sonos, TuneIn and more

Music Streaming

Advertise on music streaming apps and services, such as Spotify

Podcast Advertising

Advertise on podcasts, where there are around 9 million UK listeners each month

Digital Audio Advertising

Why Advertise on Digital Audio channels?

To some degree, digital audio advertising combines the power of high impact audio advertising with the targeting associated with digital advertising. This provides a number of benefits to brands and businesses:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Digital audio advertising is significantly more cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising, such as television and print, due to its higher levels of user targeting, which allows advertisers to reach more people within a smaller, more specific audience.
  • Get unparalleled targeting: Targeting capabilities like demographic targeting, contextual targeting, and geotargeting (geofencing) on digital audio advertising enable you to find the right audience for your message with more accuracy.
  • Measurability and Effectiveness: Digitally delivered audio ads can be better tracked than traditional forms of advertising, which allows marketers to track how well their messages are resonating with users. This gives them the data they need to refine their strategies quickly and accurately.
  • Brand-Building: Digital audio ads provide an effective platform for developing and maintaining brand awareness. Brands can craft messaging around their unique voice and tone, giving their message an emotional component that helps them stand out from the crowd.
  • Increased Reach: With digital audio ads, marketers can reach people who are on-the-go, whether traveling in their car, working out in the gym, or taking a break. With the majority of digital audio listeners tuned in to streaming audio on the go, you can use audio ads to target mobile users and capture their attention.

Types of digital audio advertising

Spot ads are the most common format for digital audio advertising. This is because these are easier to insert across multiple shows and platforms. Spot ads are typically 30 seconds in duration and are inserted either as pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll ads against the chosen content.

How we help

We provide a complete end-to-end service to ensure the success of your audio campaign. We also look at how this could fit across your other forms of audio advertising such as radio or podcasts, as these formats can be very complimentary in terms of impact and making your budget go further.

We have direct access to all the major buying points and platforms in the UK including Google’s DV360, Acast, Spotifiy and all the major radio groups. This means we can access 95%+ of all UK digital audio advertising opportunities.

Find out more about the digital audio advertising media buying process, creative process or simply contact us to have a chat.