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Creating Winning Radio Ads

The quality of your radio ad can have a huge impact on its commercial success – advertising studies show a strong link between creative excellence and campaign effectiveness.

Our process for creating compelling radio ads

Where should you start to ensure that your ad uses radio and audio to its full potential?

And what is the process involved in getting your own radio ad written, produced, and ready to air?

Context: What is the business problem we are trying to solve with our radio ad?

It sounds obvious, but we start with understanding what business problem your radio communication needs to address. Are you launching a new service? Are you promoting a sale? What action do you want the listeners to take?

We need to know which listeners we need to appeal to, and what benefit they can get from our services. The target audience will impact both what we say and how we say it.

We also need to understand the context of your radio campaign. For example, are you running other ad campaigns? And does this mean we need to mirror the tone of voice, use common characters or the same tagline.

Attributes of a great radio ad

The first rule of creating a great radio ad is that there is no magic formula to creating a great radio ad. That said, having produced 100s of ads, we do see certain attributes as being valuable in creating great radio ads:

  • Creative and Engaging Dialogue: A radio ad needs to be interesting, engaging, and memorable. The dialogue needs to be clever, humorous, and vivid.
  • Quality Production Values: The audio needs to be produced to a professional standard. A radio ad should have dynamic music, sound effects, and a quality voice-over artist.
  • Clear Messaging: A good radio ad should have a clear, concise message that communicates the product and services being offered.
  • Strong Call to Action: A radio ad should always end with a strong call to action, such as offering a discount or urging the listener to contact the company.
  • Impactful Tagline: A great tagline will stay in the listener’s mind long after the ad has finished. It should communicate the uniqueness of the product or service and invoke emotion.
Creating a radio ad

Process: step-by-step approach to create a great radio ad

To enable us to put our best foot forward, there is a process to create your ad which typically involves:

  • Briefing – a document which describes your objectives and is shared with the creative team
  • Script – the creative team will share a written script describing your ad
  • Recording – once the script is approved, your ad will be recorded in our studio. We have a range of experienced voice-over artists, or you may want us to liaise with well=known talent on your behalf to appear on your ad
  • Your Approval – you then have the opportunity to review and approve your ad
  • Regulatory Approval – we then submit your ad to be approved by the relevant radio authority, who will check the ad and ensure any claims can be backed up
  • Share with Station(s) – once approved, we then share your radio ad with the relevant stations, using all the approved codes for playout