Brands on HISTORY will be sat amongst programmes on a channel bursting with characters.

HISTORY is a factual channel which will allow brands and advertisers to interact with viewers through content containing characters who share their stories from the past and the present.

HISTORY has a unique view on history. HISTORY entertains, moving you to the edge of your seat through incredible true stories far more thrilling than fiction. We delve into the origins of life and circumstance, to uncover the why and how of human stories shaped by fascinating and often surprising facts.

HISTORY like history is bursting with extraordinary characters. HISTORY is full of stories, inspired by yesterday, lived out today, shaping tomorrow – that’s how we tell history.

Products and brands can advertise on HISTORY through traditional methods including spot, as well as channel or programme sponsorship and also product placement in HISTORY’s very own commissioned content. With the channel providing insights from men all over the globe, brands could be advertising around shows set in the swamps of Louisiana to the bright lights of Vegas.

HISTORY is full of stories, extraordinary characters, inspired by yesterday, lived out today, shaping tomorrow – delivering a unique view on history. HISTORY brings you a new faculty – MEET YOUR NEW HISTORY TEACHERS. They are bringing humour and cheek to HISTORY’s personality, surprising the viewer and making them think differently about the brand. We have characters such as including Alfie Allen, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ozzy Osbourne.

Source: Sky Media
Minimum spend of £15,000
Est cost for ad
£2 – £20
£2 – £20
£12 – £32
£0 – £5
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