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About Us

Welcome to Recipe, the team behind RadioAdvertisng.co.uk.

We are an independent group of advertising and media companies. We help brands and businesses to achieve meaningful business outcomes through creating memorable advertising and media campaigns.

The Audio & Radio Advertising Experts

Our team of audio experts provide creative and media planning services to help our clients get impactful results from radio, podcast, and audio advertising.

Who are we?

The Recipe Group is an independent full service advertising agency based in London. Explore our businesses and websites:

The Radio Advertising Website

Our Radio Advertising website was created to provide UK businesses (and potential clients) with helpful information to make an informed decision as to how radio advertising could support their business. We try to provide relevant information in an understandable format and we’re always here to help with any further questions.

The Recipe Group

The Recipe Group was started by three childhood friends Jim Yorath, Edward Glover and Dan Jacobs. In 2004 they saw a gap in the market to provide services for brands looking to launch on TV but were finding the barriers to entry too great. 

The explosion of more niche digital tv channels on Freeview and Sky meant the cost of booking an advert on certain channels was comparatively cheap but the cost to make and clear an advert ready for broadcast was still extremely expensive. The team brought that cost down helping to make adverts suitable for all budget ranges.


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