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Welcome to Maple Street CREATIVE Radioworks’ in-house production company, Maple Street Creative is on-hand throughout your campaign to provide you with expert advice and support. Whether you’re after a high concept commercial or you just need an expert to transform your visual campaign into some stunning audio, Maple Street can guide and facilitate every aspect of your project.

Our award-winning Writers and Producers are specialists in many areas of advertising, including international markets, and will work alongside your Account Manager, providing you with a one-stop shop for airtime, creative consultation, compliance procedures, recording facilities, distribution and licencing. They’ll not only tailor the creative approach to your audience, but also to where your audience is listening; be it on streaming services, smart speakers, or multiple radio stations.

Plus, with in-house Music Composers, a database of Equity’s most talented voice-overs, and our own central London studios, everything you need for an effective and stand-out campaign is at your disposal.

Everything under one roof We have two modern studios onsite, experienced producers, top notch writers and access to celebrity voices – as well as our own voice over agency – which makes it easier for us to deliver your campaign in a fast and flexible manner.

The creative consultation and strategy aspect of our service means we work with you to distil what you want to say and how you want to say it. Our team of writers will then refine your script and keep going until you’re 100% happy with it.

We specialise in delivering memorable and effective multi-platform campaigns for our clients and we have a proven track record in creating high quality ads that achieve all-important cut-through. We also work closely with the body responsible for clearing broadcast copy and our track record for getting new or highly legislated categories on air is impressive.

We provide the whole package and take care of everything, including copy compliance, voice casting and will distribute your files anywhere in the world without hassle and with a record of receipt.

Digital audio advertising and more We have plenty of experience working in the digital audio advertising sector and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this newly emerging marketplace. Along with Spotify we work closely with audio streaming service providers like acast to create more opportunities for our advertisers. We leverage other online platforms when planning campaigns and our dedicated Insight team regularly stays up to date with technological developments in the audio marketplace.

Whether you need to create a radio campaign in English or in multiple languages, digital audio for an online campaign, 3D sound, sonic branding or an e-book, we can do all of that and more.

To find out more about creating your ad, get in touch with our radio specialists on 020 7907 0670 or fill in our online form and we’ll be in touch.

Sample Radio Ads Listen here to a selection of radio ads we’ve created in our studios for our clients in the past.

Ally Lang
Head of Maple Street Creative

Maple Street Studios offering includes what clients, agencies, brands and broadcasters need from us.

We provide creative solutions across audio, video, digital and design and our work includes exceptional audio advertising for both radio and online streaming, as well as programming for traditional and multi-platform broadcasters.

We’re now busy working directly with brands to engage their consumers with great stories, whilst building long-lasting and valued relationships between client and consumer – also known as content-led marketing.

Our team are dynamic and passionate about creating world class copy, commercials, digital design, audio and video production.

We have good ideas that we turn into great content and would love to start a conversation about your brand.

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