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Introduction to Costs This section offers a guide to buying radio airtime and the costs associated with producing a radio advert. It’s difficult to say how much radio advertising costs without first understanding the objectives of your campaign and who you want to reach.

The two main costs associated with radio advertising are: buying radio airtime and radio production.

Additional costs such as gaining copy clearance or ad distribution are also something to consider, but by choosing to work with us and accessing our full range of services, we keep total costs down and provide you with very competitive rates. This means you will have more to spend where it matters – your campaign.

As a radio advertising ‘one-stop shop’ we can plan and buy your campaign, write and produce your ad, assist with copy clearance and distribute it all for you. If you already have an ad, that’s fine too; we can distribute this on your behalf to all relevant radio stations and digital audio platforms.

What does it cost to advertise on radio? The possibilities are endless, and the only way to really know how much your advertising campaign is going to cost is to get in touch with us for an airtime or creative quote.

If you want additional production bells and whistles, a celebrity voice, or to create a campaign with a variety of different advertising elements – including in multiple languages – this will all affect the price.

To give a very rough perspective, a week-long campaign that uses a 30 second ad (minus production costs) could cost anything from:

  • £500 on a local station
  • £2,500 on a regional station
  • Upwards from £10,000 on a national station

How much does it cost to make an ad? Compared to other advertising mediums, making an ad for radio isn’t a huge burden on your budget and can start from just over £300. However there is a fine art to creating an advert that is both compelling and receptive to the listener.

Our in-house creative agency Maple Street Creative will provide you with a competitive quote and have experience working with both household names and local advertisers.

We have modern in-house studios and a team of writers and producers, as well as our own voice over agency, so get in touch with us for a creative quote.

What else can I do on radio? Outside the standard commercial break you may be surprised to learn what else you can do. We have Brand Integration specialists who know all about sponsorship opportunities and can advise you on other ways to make your campaign investment work for you. We’re not interested in offering you something you don’t need, but will always advise you on the best opportunities that fit with your brand and your budget.

Through brand integration you can engage with listeners using station editorial and content to create natural, uninterrupted dialogue with listeners. Radio has always been a trusted medium that delivers creative solutions and strong partnerships for brands. Radio is also a friend, and by using it you gain access to the unique relationship radio hosts have with their listeners.

To find out more about sponsorship and promotions opportunities call us on 020 7907 670 or fill in our online form.

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Every brief we receive is different, so it stands to reason that we need to respond with a unique solution each time in order to achieve your objectives. We book successful campaigns every day, but as radio is a multi-touchpoint platform, it can offer much more than a 30 second radio commercial.

With the rapid progression in technology, the way an advertiser and station interacts with a listener is also evolving – be it via social media platforms, smartphone and tablet technology, or personal and targeted messages for online radio listening – we can help with all of this.

If we want a high-impact campaign for a launch or opening, then we might suggest a radio Promotion. Similarly, if we felt that a particular product needed more explanation, we would look at running a campaign which included radio Presenter Endorsement. If we wanted to be on-air for a longer period of time and benefit from a positive association with the station, then we may look to Show or Bulletin Sponsorships. We can also organise Online Competitions, leverage the Station Newsletter or recruit a Street Team Crew for an event or promotion.

These are just a few examples of how we might respond to different client objectives – the opportunities are almost endless – and as radio specialists we’re experts in making your budget work smarter.

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