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So who are we? Radioadvertising.co.uk is operated by RadioWorks and our sister creative agency Maple Street Creative. We’re the UK’s premier independent radio advertising specialist with the largest team of dedicated radio planners and buyers in the country. We make sure everything is covered from start to finish; from taking the brief, planning your campaign and writing the advert, through to distributing your ad, we’re a one-stop shop for all your radio advertising needs.

We’re also a top 10 radio spender with billings in excess of £20m per annum. Our creative agency has two state of the art studios and a full team of writers and producers who specialise in sound. They know how to create quality commercials for radio or streaming services like Spotify, plus Online Audio; Audiobooks; Podcasts; Broadcast PR and Radio Days.

We also operate Radio Trading Desk which is the UK's only online auction of remnant radio airtime inventory. If you're looking for cheaper spot rates then this weekly reverse auction, where the stations get to sell off any unsold airtime, is the best place to start.

We don’t just do radio, DigitalAudioWorks offers advertisers the insights to identify and deliver the right opportunities to reach their customers through digital audio. The information hub showcases the offerings available across digital streaming services and along with our expertise, we can help you to create and deliver bespoke advertising campaigns.

Our History RadioWorks was founded in 1990 and now works with more than 250 clients worldwide. We’ve built a team of specialists who are passionate about radio and delivering creative and innovative solutions designed to help you build your brand or your business.

If you’re not planning or buying radio every day like we are, it can be hard to know how well you’re doing it. Our goal is to make advertising on the radio an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Because our team of specialists do nothing but radio, you can be assured that your campaign is in the safest hands.

Our benefits to your business From assessing your advertising goals, through to delivering your airtime, we will execute every element of your campaign with rigor. Our industry relations also enable us to secure excellent rates for your business.

Our expertise has also been recognised by RadioCentre who awarded us a Certificate of Excellence in 2008. We’re also members of the prestigious IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) and were the first specialist radio advertising agency in the UK to be an accredited.

Let’s get your business on radio If you’re currently advertising on the radio, it’s worth having someone experienced cast their eyes over your activity. Our team is happy to give you a complimentary 'Campaign Health Check' and assess if you’re making the most of your radio advertising budget.

Alternatively, if this is your first time dipping your toe into the world of radio advertising then explore this site and call us on 0207 9070 670 to find out more or fill out our online form.

Richard Dennis-Jones
Chief Commercial Officer

At its basic level radio advertising is something everyone seems to have an opinion about. Who hasn’t found themselves singing along to the song of the moment, talking back to the presenter or sometimes moaning about an advert!? With nine in ten people tuning in every week, radio is part of everyone’s, everyday life.

Our aim is to champion the creative use of radio for effective advertising, and we achieve this through industry insights, below the line activity and effective planning, plus quality scripting and production of commercials.

What sets us apart is our dedicated Client Insight Team and the fact we’re proudly independent, impartial and informed; you’ll receive no radio bias when working with us!

Our team skilfully interprets masses of radio data and continually stays up to date with all the changes and trends in the marketplace including opportunities for advertisers on online audio advertising platforms like Spotify. When you work with us you can be sure we will only suggest the best possible solution for your radio campaign.

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